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Window Cleaning

Jemex Cleaning Services offers you the very highest quality of standards when it comes to window cleaning. Serving Commercial, Industrial and Domestic clients we pride ourselves on providing you with a job you ll be happy with everytime. Domestically our standard features are; cob-webs removed, fly-screens cleaned and frames cleaned, you can easily up-grade to a "Deluxe" clean however and benifit from having all internal window tracks vacuum cleaned. Just give us a call to see what will best suit your needs. 

Office Cleaning

We service clients that require an ongoing profesional office cleaner. This can range from simple office layouts, medical suites, waiting rooms, clubs, corporate, shops, hotels and most dedicated commercial businesses.


Due to demand of other services we are not currently taking on new clients in this field. Our apologies. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

To maintain efficiency of solar panels converting sun light into clean energy, the cleaner the panel the more productive this is. Dust and accumalated residual dirt builds up on the surface, rain alone will not remove this layer, in fact add to it. Simply trying to hose or pressure clean it off will also start to add hard water staining to the panel. Using our filtered soft pure water technology, via our carbon fibre poles, we are able to reach to the roofs of most single and 2 storey dwellings with ease.

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Low cost solutions are offered and discussed with our business cutomers, lets work together to make your premises a joy to work in, or shop at.


Jemex Cleaning Services display saftey signage when in public areas.