Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Ok so what is this new technology when it comes to cleaning windows, and will it suit my needs? We hope to clarify things, and are always more than happy to discuss with our clients, if this will be advantageous for their particular needs.

The basics 101.......in simple terms.

We are able to clean high windows by using water, fed up poles with a bush on the end. If that was too simple, read on. 

In the south west of WA here, we have what is generally called "Hard Water". This contains dissolved solids such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium (cations) and Sulfates, alkalinity, chlorides, carbon dioxide, and silica (anions). These leave stains on the glass, which is actually a liquid, (in fact they fuse with it), yes glass is in a state of movement (gravity acts upon it in an extremely slow way), think of it as a very very thick blob. When these dissolvable solids, hit it, and then dry, this is what leaves the stains. As a droplet of water dries, the surface tension of the drop, ensures that these tiny solids, go to the edge of the drop, and dry in a ring formation. Hence ruined shower screens, windows etc. We can measure this amount of cations and anions, as these conduct electricity, as oppossed to pure water which can't. This measurement can be defined by "Parts per Million" (PPM) of "Total Dissolved Solids" (TDS). We have a general reading of 160-190 PPM of TDS here in the SW. This is hard water. By using a "De-Ionizing" filter, containing positive and negatively charged particles, or a resin, we can remove these solids from the water.The result is pure water, which in itself is an extremely active cleaning agent. As it dry's, no particles are left on the glass, which results in a spot free, totally clean payne of glass.

IT IS SAFE!!!! - For us.

In years past, us window cleaners, were more of circus performers in many ways. I remember many years ago now, having to climb up, wobbling wooden ladders, up 3 storeys, hanging on by fingers to clean windows......and it was normal. In fact you couldn't get a job, if you would'nt do these sorts of things. It was fool-hardy, life threatening behavior, which resulted in deaths, and many serious injurys. With the advent of OHS standards, particularly in Europe, in the 90's new approaches had to be taken with high rise work. ladder rules became far stricter, and even here now in Australia, we must take every precaution when dealing with high work. Ladders are still needed sometimes, but now as window cleaners, we can clean high windows in the safest place of all........with our feet firmly on the ground!

Water fed pole window cleaning has revelutionised the industry. And at the core of that has been safety for the cleaning person. And I for one, am glad of this.

Poles, and water.

The poles we use are made from carbon fibre, which is an extremely strong, yet light, and rigid material. Racing cars, to Boeing 737's are now made using this.

As an industry, we do use water to clean things, and until there is a method to clean windows without it, we have always, and will need to use it in the for-seeable future. A lot of industry from agriculture, mining and the building industries use water. In Australia more than many countries it is a valuable resource. We are extremely sensitive to not waste water, but we do require it to clean. This method actually uses it effectively, as we target only the glass that needs it, with the absolute minimal amount.

The filtration process also causes no toxic pollutants, in fact the resin can be re-charged.

Cost effective

We are now able to do away with in most cases the use of cherry pickers, and elevated work platforms. Although we can still offer this service, generally the operations to clean high windows are now streamlined by this method of cleaning. This is a direct saving to our clients, and has now made cleaning high windows an extremely affordable service.

Property Managers

Please feel free to contact us if you are responsible for the maintainence of property with high windows.